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Piggie Camping

Piggie Camping - Guinea Pig Cages

I found the cutest little piggie toy at Target in the dollar section. Its a cheap little pet tent. I washed mine by hand and set it out to dry and it did just fine, so it can stand up to being cleaned from piggie messes :-).
That's really neat! Nice job with the tent. May I make one request though? If there's a little pocket net in there ( you no how lot's of real tents have one) put some hay in there. They LOVE it.
Haha nice job.

--Rock* Star
I love it! I saw this tent yesterday in a petshop but it was really expensive! I'll try to find a cheaper version! The piggy sitting in the tent is so cute!
I just bought that for my pig yesterday! I saw your post about it and then saw it at target and got it. Thanks for the idea!
I looked at my Target just this past Sunday. No go. I think it is adorable and your piggy is a cutie.

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