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Pig and Chut's floor time inside

Pig and Chut's floor time inside - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the area I made for the pigs' floor time when it was too cold for them to b outside anymore. I had them in there for about four hours, three days in a row! They loved it. It was easy to clean as well, just shake the towels outside, throw them in the wash, and fold up the grids. It's a set of
very cool. i love it. my girls also LOVE floor time, ive been giving it to them for about three hours a day so far, and they are wheeking and chirping the whole time. they absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

today, i made a trail of romaine lettuce that started under a tunnel and led into my lap. they followed the trail, crawled right into my lap, then slept there. it was sooo cute!
very cute! my piggies dont really like floor time to much they just sit and my little one makes alot of noise!
Very lovely! But I don't think its a good idea to have that tight corner to the left of the water bottle.
Hey, great idea! I thnk that tipidancer meant was that it is such a tight corner that they may get stuck in?! My little ones find new ways to get caught between the igloo and the sides of the cage.

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