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Picture_594 - Guinea Pig Cages

wheat grass
wat kind of grass is that? we bougght some for my new piggie but i read somewhere that that certain kind that i bought was bad so i dont no wat to get now or if to use the stuf i have. thanx cute pig!!!!!
it is called a wheat grass. got the seeds from internet (UK supplier) and it is so easy to grow that grass. and my piggies love it and cannot get enough of it.
hmmm I'll have to try that. I grew grass from the mixed scratch grains we feed our chickens, which has wheat in it, and my rabbits and pigs love it. It has a very nutty smell so being curious I tried it and it actually tastes like pecans. My dad was making funn of me for eating their grass. lol
my piggy loves wheat grass in my countru it's called "iarba de grau" cute piggy^_^

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