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Pic-nic rug flooring

Pic-nic rug flooring - Guinea Pig Cages

We can't get coroplast here in Nanjing - despite it being made in China. We did manage to get the wire cubes though. So we've used a rubber backed pic-nic rug and sewn buttons on to attatch it to the cage. The ramp is a laundry scrubbing board, the toys plumbing pipes, a mcadonalds free plastic mirr
Great cage, I'm jealous :) Is that fleece cut and sized to exactly the cage or is it folded under?
We can only find one shop here in China with small animal stuff, sometimes they have woodchip but last time, they only had reformed paper pellets as litter, so that's what it is.... The hay is in the yellow thing in the picture - they can pull it through from the otherside. We'd just cleaned and tidied before this photo so it's not yet strewn around.
That looks really good - some nice original ideas! I especially like the upper deck, though wonder how you will clean it out - is the tray permanently attached to the grids? It would be great if you could find a way to attach it, so that it could just be lifted out for cleaning - I would definitely steal that idea!! I'm sure your piggies love it even more!

What have you made the hay rack out of - it looks really good!

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