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Pen Addition

Pen Addition - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is the new pen as of 10/30/05. I have built an upper level which the babies enjoy but mum and auntie don't all that much (must be vertigo, hehe). I'll also post a close up of the second level.
Thanks! Hey, when you don't have kids of your own, you've got to spend your maternal instincts somewhere, hehe.
Good question! I didn't really keep track since I used the squares from the old pen, and then bought four more packages at $20 each, 2 sheets of coroplast at $10 a sheet, a metal shelf for the ramp at $10, 2 mats at $3 a piece... I would guess about $160-180 counting the squares from the previous pen. You know, you go to Pet Smart or something and they'll sell you a cage the size of a couple of large cat litter boxes for $120... this is far better a deal and my pigs love it.
Wow! I absolutely love this cage!
And I totally understand your 'maternal instincts': my piggies are my babies too! And hey, they deserve it!

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