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P.J. / Jerry's Divided Cage

P.J. / Jerry's Divided Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This was designed in order to allow the two boys to 'live together' and yet have their own cages. They love the little narrow runs they have and being able to see each other.
Nice cage!!! I love the fiddlesticks house, though I only have the smaller version (the medium one). I think I'll grab that next time we're at the store. I also really like how the shredded paper looks. How do you get so much? Anyway, awesome cage!
oh we're all about the recycling with this cage lol. From the political coroplast signs to the shredded paper from work :)
Love the cage... The shredded paper gives it a cool look... I like how you separated the piggies.. Cool cage design.
Mine is like that, too. Except I have 3 sectioned areas.. but I love how you recycled coroplast signs.. so who are you pigs voting for this year? LOL.. political piggies!!
lol thanks for your comment,
currently the pigs are undecided on who they are going to vote for (all that advertising really confuses them :p)
wow that look great , i am thinking of getting my gp a friend , but the pet store said that she was a mean pig so i am thinking of geting her a friend that she can see

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