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outside - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is a full view of their outside cage.
I have a pen like that too but I don't use it outside because there are birds of prey near my house :-(
Ruthie, you could put something on top such as some coroplast, or even some wood or something. Would shield them from animals and sunlight.
I like this playpen, but at my local feed store it's $13. How much did you get it for, and where did you get it? I agree with Piglet, your grass is so green!! I love your pigs too, they are beautiful!
I got mine for $10 at Wal-Mart. The only problem is my two younger girls can jump over the sides if they want to.
i have 2 of those little fences, and our 3 boys just love them, we take and put the 2 together to make a larger area and they just go crazy when in it.. i bet yours do to
We have four 6' wire shelf units what we hooked together at the corners for 36 sq ft of outdoor space.

There is no lid, but we always sit with them outside to keep off predators. Birds of prey and stray cats will not come near with a human around.

The piggers love it.

We move the fence around and let them do the "lawn mowing". :)

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