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Outdoor Pen

Outdoor Pen - Guinea Pig Cages

This is an outdoor pen that I put around a small tree yesterday. It's two of those playpens put together, so it meets size requirements. The baby gate is in the middle leaning against the tree, because I can attach a water bottle to it. We have big birds that fly around over the house, so as you can
FYI (this is coming from experience) guinea pigs can jump out of that playpen. I have the exact same one and put Chad outside and he jumped out and ran under the deck of my pool. So be careful!
Thanks deathnotronic, I have actually heard before that some pigs jump over these pens. But my boys are almost 5 years old, and I have used these pens many, many times with them over the past several years, and they have never once tried to jump over it. But I still stay really close by, (as you can see with the chair,) just because it's better to be safe than sorry. Thanks again for letting me know, though. I've never had a problem with them jumping it, but I still keep watch over them.
Yeah, who said guinea pigs can't climb?! Haha. My Wiggley hops right over that playpen like it's no problem and heads right under the recliner! Then I get to spend a good 15 minutes coaxing him out with parsley. Yay.

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