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our piggies home

our piggies home - Guinea Pig Cages

full inside view
I love the apple-print fleece, thats so cute! The only thing I'm wondering about is, do you need that grid there in the middle of the underside of the top lovel for support? It doesn't look like they can run around the perimeter freely.
But thats ok for now, otherwise, great job!
thank you so much for all the great feedback! One of my favorite things to do is look at all the awesome cages. So much variation and they are all so wonderful. The support grid is definitely needed, we tried without it and the coroplast sagged a bit. And I was wondering what you meant by their feet getting caught in the ramp. Then I looked at the pic again and because we have so much blue it appears as though the grids are just covered with the towel. Actually, the grid part has a backing of coroplast so they can climb up. However, their hay would get stuck all over it and it was a bit harder to clean so I placed the towel over it. Our piggies seem to have a better grip now too. Oh, and to answer your question we have four piggies:)

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