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Our new cage

Our new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Those tiki huts have honey in them which is like pure sugar to pigs. It's not good for them so if I were you I'd take it out. Other then that small thing, this is an awsome cage. Even simular to what I am planning on building for whenever I get my piggies except I would make two and double it up. By the way your piggy is way way too cute!

edit: Your piggies are so cute!!
Great cage, but that hut is really unhealthy for pigs-they have honey, and a couple other things that aren't so good. I would take it out if I were you.
great cage but I second the motion of taking out the hut. Honey is really not good for piggies and I'm not totally sure nut I don't think the starw on top is okay for them either but other than that great cage.

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