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Our girls cage!

Our girls cage!

Ok, so we still wanted a friend for our girl piggy, so we called almost all the pet stores in town and found one girl piggy for adoption. We think she is about 1 1/2 years old, she is sooo sweet!, we know for sure she is female becouse she just had a litter about four months ago. They said it was he
Once again you have the right idea, but you might want to increase it to a 2x4. That is the only reason I can see they gave you a 6.
Why not find one in a shelter or on craigslist, there are girls that need homes and you will have a smaller fee to pay for them and you will not be supporting the pet stores. And you will need expand if your adding another girl, I had to go bigger to a 2x4 also for my 2 girls. And also I don't see hay they need lots of hay to keep there teeth down, other than that the cage is great.
I didn't pay anything to adopt these sweet piggies, and they need homes also. They are free to adopt from petco. They take in animals that people don't want anymore and then adopt them out for free. You just have to sign a paper saying you know how to take care of them. I do want to go bigger and will in the future, but if you will look at my other post you will see why I had to make two cages instead of one on a short notice. I have 100% timothy hay pellets in there. I am highly allergic to hay, so I thought this would be ok. It's a little more expensive, but they seem to love it.
The pellets are a requirement, they should be getting timothy hay pellets anyway, but they should have hay as well, the pellets cannot be a substitute. It sucks you are allergic to the hay but I think there are some threads about tips for helping with allergies. They really need fresh hay or grass.

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