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Our Big Boys

Our Big Boys - Guinea Pig Cages

These are our first adopted boys :) From Left To Right: Mr. Wilson, Colonel Sanders, Colby Jack & Pepperoni. Colby Jack, Pepperoni & Mr. Wilson came from a Rescue in Michigan, and Colonel Sanders came from a Private Adoption from an ad on GPH.
I got too excited and posted before I was ready. I love the blank pig-stare! Although, I call it blank but at the same time I can always come up with a thousand ways to describe it!

Nice fro on Mr. Wilson there!
Wheek Weak
Your boys are just so absolutely adorable!!!

Good thing I don't know where you live...I'd be plotting to pignap every one of them!! :)

I love their names, too. Thank you for the pigture - it's just too cute!

Also, a big thank you for rescuing those precious little guys.

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