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Open 2x5 CC Cage in use - Top Angle View

Open 2x5 CC Cage in use - Top Angle View - Guinea Pig Cages

This is a top-angle view of my 2x5 C&C cage with Morgan and Lucy as its residents. George will be added in the future. Plans are to add a 1x3 hayloft to the back-right corner. Stereo is rarely used and only used to play soft music to help me sleep: nothing too loud that might bother them.
That's funny, I guess I didn't look far enough. I was hoping to see the inside and here it is! Looks great! I use the hay dispenser ball as well - although it doesn't seem to work that well - do your piggies like it? I see you have that protable vaccume cleaner, how is that working out on fleece?

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