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Norman's cage

Norman's cage

Norman's new cage! View from the inside. It's a 2x5, 2 grids high, with storage on top.
oo oo, what did you use for the base? did you find coroplast, or is that something else? i'm always messing around and changing my bunnies spaces around, lol.
I used coroplast with fleece over it :) I wasn't sure if he would chew on it but it's been 2 weeks and he hasn't touched it! I looooove it and so does he- I think he's more comfortable on a surface he has good traction on instead of a plastic base with bedding. Thanks for all the great comments and ratings!
I love all this space and so neat and tidy. I'm going to steal your idea. I have a rough 5 x 2 and my lily loves it so for, so I'm going to add some pretty fleece and ziptie it together. I am also thinking bout keeping her cage on the end as well. Idea Idea, I'm not sure yet. I had to step away and look at more pictures :)

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