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Non cube cage

Non cube cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This cage is more like a piece of furniture and would fit in anyone home.
The sides and back are made of wood as well as the bottom. The front is glass so the pigs can see out. The base is covered with coroplast to protect the wood. Any pig would be happy to live in this cage.
Did you build this or purchase it? I like to keep my guinea pig in the busiest part of the house since they love the human interaction and a piece like this looks beautiful in the home. It's gorgeous!
did you use any kind of sealant for the wood? if so, are you sure it's non toxic? other than that, it's beautiful, very nice work!
looks like everything is lined with some sort of plexi-glass in the inside of the cage so the varnishing/chemicals wouldnt be a safty hazard to the pigs

I think this is a beautiful cage!
haha I was reading through the description *smacks head* I must have posted that before I read "brown coro" lol

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