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Newest version of cage

Newest version of cage

Just finished building this cage today. I split my herd into two groups. There are two sows that live upstairs in the 2x3 section and the other three sows live downstairs in the 2x4 section. I haven't finished adding their stuff into the cage and have to figure out how I want to do the hayrack on th
I like it but...I though it was 2x3 minimum for 1 pig and a 2x4 minimum for 2 pigs so should that cage be a 2x4 upper level with a 2x5 bottom?
If I had boars then yes it would need to be the sizes you are referring to but with sows, you only need a 2x3 for 2 sows. If you look on the homepage, you will see that for 1 or 2 pigs the minimum size is a 2x3. We always recommend a 2x4 for 2 boars because they are more territorial.

Although bigger is always better, when one has limited room in their home, they provide the largest accomodations possible. I've had several different versions of C&C's over the last almost 3 years. This one is probably one of the smallest versions I've had but my girls are happy, there are no fights and they get regular floor time.
Ok Ly...so I was contemplating adopting a third sow..but have a 2 x 4 with a 1 x 2 loft...I was really thinking that would not be enough...but would love to rescue.
I have a yellow coroplast too!

I like how vibrant and colorful it is.
It brightens everything up!

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