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Newest Remodel

Newest Remodel - Guinea Pig Cages

I redid my cage friday night. I moved their loft to the back of the cage for storage, I added a shelf to hold their food container and their plastic bags from their meals, I also organized their storage under their cage. Now the cage is easy to clean, safe, and when I open all the doors to it its li
The top is supported by the back part of the cage and some zip ties.And the storage has a grid supporting the roof. But the roof of the whole cage bends toward the middle.
By the way I'm redoing this cage this weekend because over thanksgiving my cousin bumped into it and I've been putting it off but it's now falling apart and literally parts are hanging by threads so it's gonna be redone hopefully a 2 story or maybe higher off the ground.
Very nice cage, and yes that is what I was going to say =). Because you are missing some fencing. =P
No fencing was missing in this picture the ones missing were doors that were open. After my cousins got done with it litterally the cage fell apart.

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