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Newest, Newest cage =)

Newest, Newest cage =) - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my even newest cage...I know, I know, I've remodeled so many times, I've lost count! I have babies on the way and I had originally put higher walls with coroplast but the girls were destroying my creation so I bought these mesh grids at linens n things. I'm so happy because I can see my girl
=O those grids are the best grids I have ever seen! I must get some of my own! Your cage is excellent!
I babyproofed the cage before I got the mesh grids..as I stated in the description. You may still want to babyproof with higher walls though as the babies can fit in between the grids.
I absolutly LOVE your cage! I was just wondering if I could have your opinion on something, is fleece better or shavings? In the winter would the fleece Keep them warmer?
i love the cage. i was wondering where u got the mesh panels. I have a pregnet pig and i will be breeding her again if this litter goes well. Im going to need to build a cage like this one most likly.

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