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New temp cage

New temp cage

This is a temporary cage I made for my boys Espresso and Butterscotch. They will live in this until we move into our larger home in August then I hope to make them a 3 x 6 cage. The boys seem to really like it.
That's a pretty good cage. They boys are cute. I gave up on my hay wheel for Smores and CC. I think when I get my next two they hay wheel will go back in. Just a question, why are you using two food dishes?
Thanks! The reason I have two bowls is because sometimes Butterscotch can be a big bully and kind of push Espresso out of the way when he is eating. I figured two would lessen the chance for fighting to occur and they both can eat when they want to.
Slap Maxwell
Most people use two food dishes with multiple pigs because it stops food tension over pellets.

Very nice, large cage, I would however, add more loose hay.
I'm thinking of doing a double bowl. However, I know I could find a good one for a dollar and everyone around here is trying to over price me. Oh well, soon, soon.
great cage, but why are you letting them just poop all over the cage? Why not get a little litter box for them full of hay?
Not all guinea pigs use a litter box. As you can see my boys pee and poop all over. If they only did it in one spot I think I would look into getting a litter box. However, I shake out or change the towel daily, so they don't have to stay in their pee and poop for long periods of time.
Your piggys are so cute 1 And it was a good idea to use 2 food bowls.
Most piggys won't use a litter box (like mine) but they normally poop when they eat, so you can have a food area (a large kitty litter box will be great) and put bedding there, and that should make cleaning easier :D

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