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New stand for 2x5 cage

New stand for 2x5 cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I decided to add a stand to my boys' cage. I had added a hay room to the end of the 2x4 cage which is working great. I built a stand out of cubes and attached a plywood bottom to the cage. The stand is great! It lifts the cage up which makes it easier to clean, and has storage for all of their s
That's pretty cool! That's kinda the design I want for my two girls. Did you cut the closet shelving top yourself? What did you cut it with? I am going to have to cut mine to make 2nd floor.
That is a nice looking cage, I love how you put their names on the coro. You have the smae grids as me :D
I got the folks at Lowe's to cut the top for me. They have a wonderful tool right there to do it. Make sure you have your measurements right.
That's a really nice cage. I'm just getting into the C&C caging; my girls (Sophie and Evey) are still in a Petco cage. Any ideas on how to start out? I really need some help
Look at the pictures on this site. They are the best way of getting ideas for your cage. That's where my ideas came from. Take into account of course how much space you have and how many guinea pigs you need to house. This site is invaluable in building a cage. One thing I like about my cage is the ramp to the upper level is on top of the hidey house therefore it doesn't take up cage space. There are bricks to get up onto the house and fiddlesticks are the ramp on the roof of the house.(They also just jump up onto the other side of the house).

Buy plenty of grids, sometimes they break when you try to bend them. Also get plenty of cable ties. I have cut a bunch when I did something out of order or changed my mind as I was going. And of course I've changed a couple of things in the month I've had the boys. I have used 3 packs of 100 cable ties and I need more. One broke yesterday on a part of the cage that moves.
This is the such a cool cage, I love that they have room and toys and hideys. Also I noticed their food and bedding brands very awesome!
Just be careful it is not good for the pigs to have rabit food it has some stuff in it that isn't good for them. other than that it is awsome!

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