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new revision - Guinea Pig Cages

NEW revision once again!
The girls side is 6 x2 with a 2 1/2 x 2 add on and another 1 x 2 add on. This holds 5 girls

Harleys side is 4x2, his used to be 3x2

I redid the cage AGAIN for the little rugrats coming!

If somebody could add up the square footage I would appreciate it, I have no clue as t
that is sooo cool and creative when i get my own house i will have a whole room to devote to my piggies too! you gave me a lot of ideas to try on my cage. thank you!!
I got about 34.5 +/- sq ft but I am not sure at all if I did the math right :)
So its a 2x6 which = 15 sq ft(I think) a 2x4= 10.5 and a 3 1/2 x 2 = about 8 so hmmm...maybe I didnt do the math right cause that makes 33.4.... well its around the mid to low 30's lol
Wow, your new cage looks amazing!!! Great work!!!

As for the square footage, try using a site like this to help you out: https://www.tileamerica.com/default.asp?LINKNAME=CALCULATOR. You can either do each section individually and add them afterwards, or convert the whole cage into one long length and width as if it was all laid out straight, then check it that way. I thought for the longest time that my cage was 55 square feet, then I realized- months later- that I miscalculated and it's actually 79 square feet! LOL, so yeah, those square foot calculators are pretty helpful... ;)
Here's my attempt to calculate...

2x4 + 6x2 + 2.5x2 + 1x2 = 11.5x2 = (11.5x14.5")x(2x14.5") = 166.75"x29" = 4835.75" sq = 4835.75" sq / 144" sq = 33.58 square feet!

Beware, I've been wrong before! Hopefully that's somewhere in the ballpark, though! lol
haha! Thanks! I'll try and figure it out. I am AWFUL at it. I'll have my dad do it, he's a whiz with that junk. but thank you for all the comments! Envisionary i think I'm going to end up like you soon with a huge cage and lotsa piggies! Well, if Peanut has 3-4 babies I'll have about 10- 11 pigs! goodness.. these piggies run my life!
Haha, yay, the more piggies the merrier! I know what you mean about the piggies running your life, I'm a slave to their every wheek! ;) Anyway, good work and I can't wait to see the babies when they are born!

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