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New Place To Stay

New Place To Stay - Guinea Pig Cages

As I said before, A new place to look at gets the interst of all four pigs, Cookie, chilli, Crumble & pepper left to right.. They spent 30 mins exploring this new layout before deciding they wanted feeding.
Nice cage! Most cost a lot of money all that bedding, have you ever considered using fleece?
You should consider using fleece, its a big money saver :) I love the cage, and the piggies are very pretty.
I dont like fleece that much either jenni but my pigs prefer it i just use newspaper and clean it out 2 times daily.

ETA: I know like fleece lol! but I prefer carpet my pigs like fleece I just need something to weight down the corners so nev dosent tunnel under it hehe bles him he has his own cozy bed now.
That looks great. It looks like they can go under that coroplast tray as well, can they? How is it supported, I can't tell?
People should use what they want to use. It doesn't affect the piggies that much (that I know of) unless you use pine. Very nice cage, and adorable piggies!

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