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New cage

New cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I made my first c&c cage for my 4 girls!
Its shaving on the bottom and fleece on top.
A 2x4 is to small for 4 piggies, you need a minimum size of a 2x5 atleast. Girls dont need as much space as boys do but they still need a bigger cage pronto. Its a very good job on the cage itself, but try and make it bigger as soon as possible. :)
Its good enough for my four girls.I dont have enough room for a 2x5.They have the upper level and last night I added a third level so its ok for them.
I agree with 3 mad pigs, I think they need more room. I have my 3 girls in a 3 level 2x4 cage and they love it.

Lofts arnt considered as "floor space" cause there is no room for them to run laps or popcorn.

My suggestion would be to make the second level a full solid 2x4 level like the bottom floor.
You can use a bolt cutter to cut a hole in the bottom of the grid large enough to fit a ramp up through.

Or some people simply leave 1 grid out of the floor then run the ramp up through there.
We're just trying to make constructive criticism. I would suggest listening to some suggestions given. If you don't have enough room to expand the base, you can always expand the loft, it's quite easy.

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