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New cage!

New cage! - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my new cage. I took out the divider for the picture. They don't fight for the first five mintuets but then they get comfortable and start to fight.
I love the cage and have a question. I know that choroplast comes standard 4 X 8 feet. And when you use it you can make a 6 by 3 pen/enclosure. So have you taken two pieces and taped them together to make the size you have? I've noticed that lots of people have extremely large choroplast pens like that, and I've been curious how you had that much choroplast without taping pieces together.
That's such a neat cage! How many piggies do you have?I thinm I count five, but you never know. Are ther 2 in one side and 3 in the other? I really like your cage ( I might have to copy your colors for my piggies next cage).
I have a question...When using fleece as bedding..How many layer do you use? What do you put under it? At the moment I am using carefresh and hay as her bedding and I would like to switch to something a little easier to clean..

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