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new cage

new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

this is our new enclosure. I finished it only half an hour ago.
yes, hey was added. its in there now and both piggies love it. The younger piggie is still a little shy, we have had her? him? just barely 24 hours. Is that too soon to have them together?
Loony, great cage. You don't even know the sex of your new pig? Well good luck if your pair starts breedings
Yeah, that was sarcasm from Piglet. YOU NEED to know the sex of your piggie! Here is a link to find it:
Go to the care manuel since it seems like you are new to this. There is also a sexing part of the site. What bedding is that?
sorry, but it is pine bedding. I don't have the money for fleece and other fancy things. i get a big huge bag of the pine bedding for 5 bucks and it lasts for about 4 months or so. and i can't quite tell wht the sex is because i have looked at the site for sexing and it appears to be female. my bigger one IS female, and it looks like the new one is female too.
To tell just press right above the privates. If nothing comes out it is a girl if something comes put it is a boy.
Pine isn't good at all. Save up your money to get fleece, or towels, or aspen or carefresh. I didn't think I could afford it either, but now I have 9 guinea pigs and they almost all have fleece. If you couldn't afford it, don't get guinea pigs. That's all there is to it. How does a bag of pine last 4 months? Where do you get it? How many cubic feet is it? Find yourself a local feed store, there are usually cheap kiln dried pine bags in there. I got my 7.5 cubic feet for $6, it lasted me about a month, but with two pigs around 3-4 months since I had to do cage cleanings every week(which is what everyone is supposed to do, unless they have super large cages like 4x6+).

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