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new cage with lights!

new cage with lights! - Guinea Pig Cages

I know you have good intentions, but I really don't think that's such a good idea. All it takes is for one of them to climb up on top of that corner pigloo and chomp down on that cord, then ZAAAPP!!! Dead piggy AND burnt out electircal outlet. Maybe hang them on the wall instead of the cage?
Thank you for your concer. but i only turn the lights on when I am in the room, even if i am downstairs i turn they off. How come its only a 4, is it that bad?? Also, we are going to put a cd wrck up on the wall today, so i am going to hange them on there. any way of putting score up just a bit? ;)
I like all the tubes in your cage. As long as you are in the room when the lights are on. Any way it looks awesome! I like the little hammock.
word of advice. I too had some small fake flowers in a garland type effect decorating my cage in a position that I thought was out of their reach. Low and behold one day a piggy was determined enough to get on top of a pigloo something she had never done before and pulled it into the cage. 2 flowers were pulled to shreds and the tiny plastic center could not be found I presume it was eaten. I called my vets and we had a very scarey couple of days making sure that there was no blockage, etc. Moral of this story don't have any decorative items near the cage that you wouldn't give the piggies to play with.
Ditch the lights and the cage is a 10 without question.
Why are people giving this cage ones?
Its the right size, shes got lots of toys and fun things.
Ok she has lights on it, not the most safest of items, but I stil think its a great cage :)
well done
It is a great cage as far as size. The decorations are so unsafe. Take them down please for the safty of your piggies.

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