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New cage, longways

New cage, longways - Guinea Pig Cages

Velma just graduated from her store-bought cage (in the foreground) into a full-sized mansion. She loves jumping between the two sections, and I used high-tensile twist-ties to secure the original cage to the C&C.
I like how the plastic and coroplast colors match so well, I didnt realize it was two cages until I read it,
Thanks. We’ve actually moved recently, though, so we rebuilt the caviary—a little bit bigger, this time—without the store-bought cage. I need to get some pics of the new one on here! :)
Wow that is a big cage for one piggy! I also like the re-use of the store-bought cage, it fits so seamless! Oh only one thing, piggies don't need a licking stone ;) In fact, it's better to remove it.
Thanks! Actually, Velma’s not alone, any more. We got her a buddy—Scooby—about two weeks after putting together this cage. Since then, we’ve also moved and have upgraded them to a slightly bigger cage.

Out of curiosity, why is the stone a bad thing? Admittedly, they don’t pay much attention to it, most of the time, but I’ll certainly remove it, if it’s bad for them. Thanks!

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