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New cage from above

New cage from above - Guinea Pig Cages

I love it! Especially the kitty looking on with what I can only assume in green envy! LOL!
Thanks! :) I'm really happy. Since they moved in a couple of days ago from their pet shop bought cage I have seen a massive change in their behaviour. They are both more active and popcorning like I have never seen before. Its so nice to see, I could watch them all day! I have spare grids left, because I was originally going to close the whole cage because we have a cat. But she is very nervous and if the pigs come towards her she will run off. She just likes to sit on the bed at a save distance and watch them. The grids are quite high and she is too nervous to jump into something she doesn't know.
Its a piece of square guttering with fine sandpaper on it (attached with double tape) They love the ramps and keep running up and down. I have since made the cage one grid longer aswell so they have got a bit more room.
I love the gutter idea! I have some babies and the grid covered in cloth isn't doing it for them. I have some gutter laying around somewhere...I will have to find it and give your idea a try.
The gutter works perfect but I have since replaced the sandpaper with carpet. The sandpaper seemed to work fine at first, but I noticed his front nails became quite short and I wasn't sure if it was comfortable for them to run up. So I have put some carpet on instead to prevent them from slipping which works fine!
I love the idea with the sand paper! Maybe what you could do is switch back and forth with carpet and sand paper so you don't ever have to cut their nails!(Maybe:))

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