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New cage extention almost complete!

New cage extention almost complete! - Guinea Pig Cages

Cage extention nearly there. (From 3 x 4 with 1 x 4 loft, to 3 x 5 with 1 x 4 plus 2 x 6 loft) Once the 4Ms are happily introduced, I will remove the divider, and add a ramp to the 2 x 6 loft. (can't wait!)
Your cage is huge, id love to be able to make a cage that size for my piggie but i cat because theres not really that much room in my house.. lovey cage :)
Thankyou! I had to mave a lot of furniture around to make room for it! It takes up a good quarter of the sitting room! The dividers are now down, and the second ramp is in! New pic coming soon!
Wowww!My pigs have stars in their eyes.I wish I had enough room to build something like that!Your piggies are so lucky to have an owner who makes a cage like THAT for their scamperings!
would you mind telling me how you bent the ramp out of grids without breaking it ?

Thanks !
Hi Emma!

Took quite a few broken grids to work it out! I put a foot on the grid where I want to bend it, with the wire on the outside of the grid (I think - one way tends to work better then the other), then reach down, and slowly lift the grid until it is bent to the required angle. Then stand ith my foot in the middle of the grid, and pull the other side up to make a U shape.

I have used the broken grids too - so long as the pigs can't reach the snapped piece, it's fine. I cover the break in duck tape just to make sure, but it hasn't jeopardised the performance atall.

Hope this helps!
This is an amazing cage jarbox! Its really given me some ideas...I like your cubes aswell they look very smart :] I was just wondering, once you move the divider how will you supprt the 2x4 loft? Would be interested to know as my cage will have aloft like that and I dont want to take up too much room from their bottom floor.
The 1 x 4 loft piece is now supported using shelving brackets - though it wasn't too wobbily before I added them. They are cable tied to the grids, and really just for my peace of mind. I did use a sturdy cardboard tube for a time, but it soaked up pee!

You can use a broom handle/something similar through the end grids, and under the ramp to hold it steadier, or a 'pillar' like I had, or brackets. Otherwise, a grid beneath (a bit like my divider) could also be used.

Thanks for the positive feedback (I've completely changed the fleece now! This fleece stays at my parents house for when we go and visit!)!

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