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New, Bigger Cage

New, Bigger Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

We got our pigs, Rolie Polie and Panda in March of this year. For the first 1 1/2 months they got along fine, but it seems as they have gotten a little older they have become very territorial and have begun fighting a lot, to the point of pulling hair and nicking each other's noses. Yet, when they a
Piggies are always sorting out territory, even ones that have been together for years. Your cage is gorgeous and perhaps with more room, there will be less friction. I hope that you try that before you seperate them.
I think it's a great cage, the divided middle will let them see each other and not be as lonely. What pig will be living alone? Maybe you could concider finding a shelter that will let you see if they have an adult pig that will get along with him? I found out just recently that 4 pigs isn't much harder than 3.
Thank you! Each pig will have a side in the middle level and one whole additional floor to themselves. I am hoping to adopt two altered females in the future so each will have a companion, though they will still be side by side, just seperated by the grids.

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