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New and "final" cage

New and "final" cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Cookie and Puffy on the top floor. Oreo and Rocky on the bottom floor.
OH MY GOD. that is the most amazing cage i have ever seen. its so neat!! (as in clean/organized) i wish i had a bunkbed to spare for my pigs. :)
It has a clear plastic (plexiglass) front. It's about 10" high. They don't jump that high. And who wants to escape when there's room service and maid service! ;)
I loveee your cage soo much! I wish my piggies could have so much space and light in their cage.
Excellent cage lissie!! Could you like to tell us the size of the cage in meters please? I don't know how to calculate in grids!
Thanks Tsikita, the cage is 0.72m by 2.44m (28 inches by 96 inches). That's the measurement from the inside base. If you add the wood surrounding the base and the cage legs, it comes out a bit more.
I am so jealous!!! Can you tell me how you made that? I have 2 piggers (Nacho and Rusty) and they dont get along, so making one of those for my room would be amazing and a major upgrade from their cruddy old petstore cages that I hate to death.
WOW! that is exactly what i have been looking to do with my pigs!! did you build it yourself or did you buy it?

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