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Suede Fresh

New Additions - Guinea Pig Cages

I finally added the much needed hay rack and bought an extra pigloo for poor Swavy (Kae keeps kicking him out of the green one. funny, now Kae prefers the pink >_<). I also added a tent type hidey for them. theres some hay on the floor of it for them to nibble at (I will be changing that daily XD)
Very nice looking cage and huge for only 2 piggers. I would add some things like tunnels and other toys for them to play with.
I am working on adding new toys right now. I just have to aquire some 'extra funds' to support the project. I am adding things slowly though. materials can be sorta expensive around here. Maybe I'm not a very good shopper? :p
If you live in Canada, you can get awesome tubes for the piggies to run through! I'm sure you can get them at any hardware store too! Right now I have a 14 inch long pipe shaped in a T so the piggies can run in and out in different ways. That only cost 8 bucks plus tax. This weekend I wanna get a &quot;U&quot; pipe to connect it, then my piggies will have a series of tunnels :p
Awesome cage! as Ly said I'd suggest getting toys and tubes but you said you are soo... anyways....it is an awesome cage!
That is the most ginormous cage I've ever seen! Especially for only 2 piggies! Awsome job!! After you get the toys this will be a dream house for your piggies!

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