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New 2x4 cage

New 2x4 cage - Guinea Pig Cages

My new (for about 3 months) 2x4 cage with 1x4 upper level. The bottom level is a quilted fleece blanke wrapped around a piece of cardboard wrapped in plastic sheeting. The bottom level also has a 1x2 litter area where the water is kept; they tend to urinate a lot when they drink. The upper level
I love your cage! I just added my second deck like your's, I haven't decided if I will put a top on it yet. Where is the door on your cage? And how did you do it? I can't figure out how to make one.
guinea pig boys
buy the way can you private e-mail me I am new with the C&C cage if you can tell me how to clean it I am planing on making one just like yours

I absolutly love it. I hope to make one like this someday but im a bit short on cash (it a little hard wen your 13) and my mother swore she would have no part in it. Great job though!!

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