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New 2 story mension !

New 2 story mension ! - Guinea Pig Cages

Finally it's done.
I've used newpaper + puppypad + fleece multi-
layer for the bottom of the cage.
I was going for towal + fleece, but I'll see how this
one goes.

It took some time for her to get used to the new
big house but she is loving it now.
Your cage looks great! Is this your first piggie? She is beautiful! I love her coloring!
That is a very smart looking cage, beautifully made, and superbly presented. My concern is that the base level is only a 2 x 2 size. Even for 1 piggy, it is recommended to be a 2 x 3. Perhaps you could reduce the size of the loft for your 1 x 2 storage, giving your lovely guinea the full base level. If you made the upper level a 2 x 2, you could turn the ramp around so it runs adjacent to the loft.
I love the red and black combo - I want to redo my cage in red and black now >< hehe.
pignewton - its a 2x2 because as u see in the pictures where the red coro. ends the black backing begins. behind the black is storage
ohhhhhh yeah. Good eye, bunnys n pigs. It's true that a 2x2 is pretty small.

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