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Ned goes to work

Ned goes to work

I have a piggy with those colors, only without the brown.

Nice keyboard too!
Wheek Weak
Dear Kleenmama's Hay,
Please send me 50,000 pounds of that delicious bluegrass hay. Charge it to
my mommy's credit card!
Sincere Wheeks,

Ned is so cute. It looks like he could be ordering his own yummies!
I love all Neds pics. I saw the ones you posted in your intro maybe (i think) Anyway, the others are all cute and he is so easy to pick out from the rest of the piggies.
Lmao WHEEK WHEAK! Let me try:
Dear veggie store,
I would like 999999tons of romaine lettuce, 500000 green bell peppers, 600000 yellow bell peppers, 80000000000tons of w/e other kinds of lettuce you have, 10000 apples, 300000 grapes 93203203203020302030230230203020320tons of parsley, and let me spend $9999999999999999999999999999999 on the other veggies I'm aloud to eat. Put this all on my mommies credit card (don't tell her)

Ned (I almost put nerd :p)

Dear Random Realtor I've never met,
Do you have a house that is just one room and one floor? I would love to buy it. P.S. I NEED carpet. Put it all on jenni_and_ned's credit card.


Dear pet store who is all for adoption and doesn't sell animals,
Do you have any oxbow hay? I would love 5000000000000000000tons of timothy hay, 2000000000000tons of alfalfa hay,$99999999999999999999 worth of other hay and cavy cosine. Also, I would love some binder clips some fleece and a whole bunch of pigloos. If you don't have that stuff order it!!!!!!


Adorable! My pig likes to go to work too, but he prefers sleeping on the job (pic in my gallery! :))
Aww! How adorable! My piggy Holly does the same thing. Somehow she's figured out, when she sits on my lap when I'm at the computer, my chair's high enough so she can jump up on my desk. She then proceeds to dance on my keyboard, almost fall off the edge of my desk, and get into the tissues. All before I can pick her up and put her on my lap again.

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