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My son and his pigs
Whiskey Eyes

My son and his pigs

The pigs love their cage. I adopted them from a family that couldn't care for them any longer. They were in a very small cage. They are both thrilled and started going up the ramp immediately.
Cute photo, and great cage. :) The only thing I would be worried about is that one might push the other off of that ledge... maybe you could make a small railing with mini-grids or something?
also, i see in the container that the food has differen things in it. Only pellets are safer for pigs.Pigs can choke on different things in their food
Yes, very cute photo. I'm glad that they no longer live in a small cage and now live in this one. Great job!
Actually, it is only too small for 2 guinea pigs if they are boars. If they are sows, it is fine.

Well done! A great cage through and through!
Good solution for a 2 story closed cage - it looks nice and neat. How do you open it up to clean it? Right now a guinea pig is our only pet, but we may have a cat/cats in the future so I'm curious how to make the 2 story but still be able to access it!

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