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My Ramp

My Ramp - Guinea Pig Cages

This is made by bending the two cubes in almost half using my feet(and shoes!)and stepping on it and gently pushing it to bend it. Then I put black linolium left over from my rat cages so the wire doesn't hurt Kiwi's feet, and then I put a purple towel on using office clips so she can climb up easi
Thank you, its very easy to make, and Kiwi just runs up and down it as fast as she can.
I am sorry to say...but..I am going to have to steal this idea.. =)...I am glad you wrote down how you did that ramp. Kudos. Oh and question...when using fleece as bedding..what do you do? how much layer and what do you put beneath the fleece? Please pm and let me ..just incase I can't find this again. kudos

Not related to the photo but I am assuming that you are a kiwi given that is your guinea pigs name?

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