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My piggie's new home!

My piggie's new home! - Guinea Pig Cages

Very nice! I was wondering how you keep the fleece down. My guineas recently learned how to get underneath the fleece so i've been having to pull it over the cage sides and under the grids!!! It's very frustrating!
Actually, I just put it down without doing anything else. So far my piggie has not tried to go under the fleece - we'll see what happens in the next few days :)
Lovely cage ! Cute fleece too !
If you ever have a problem with your piggies trying to get under the fleece, try putting bricks on the corners.
No, not completely :) I do spot clean the poops several times a day, but all but two times, she has been peeing in the litter box, so that has helped immensely.

I think what helps is that before she got the C&C she had a regular cage with regular bedding, so she got used to go on the bedding not on the fleece.

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