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My Newest Cage

My Newest Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my new cage. It houses seven pigs in two seperate cages. Five live in the yellow side of the cage and two boars live on the green side. Both cages have upper and lower decks and pigs are all able to see one another.
it looks wonderful! but isnt the left side a tad small for 2 guinea pigs? Especially boars. They need more space since boars can get a little..."grouchy". lol. But besides that, very nice!
Great cage! How do you clean it? I was wanting to do something like that and adopt a boar for my boyfriend's little girl, but im not sure how to clean it out.
Awsome cage, I love the style! Great way to set up a cage! Your guinea's probably love it!
That looks great! How do you have access to the lower level - do the front grids open?
Wow that is some cage! I like how neat it looks. I like that you can slide out the bottom trays!
This is definetly one of my favorite cages out of all that I've seen so far. Looks well constructed and clean. I hope mine looks at least half as good when I'm done with it.

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