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My new cage for my new pig.

My new cage for my new pig. - Guinea Pig Cages

This is your basic 2X3 cage that I set up for my new pig. I'm hoping to be able to upgrade sometime but right now I just don't have the room. I tried a few different ideas with the hay holder but this seems to be the one that works well for now. I really like the Packer fleece as the little poopi
It'll be cool to be able to "program" / control the Piggy with the remote,
Up Arrow => move up North of the cage
Down Arrow => move down South of the cage
Right Arrow => move right
Lefft Arrorw => move left
Menu => choice of sound and appearence
Volume => for sound, ie louder tweaks
Channel => for pop-corn mode, run mode, etc
Enter => Deposit poop and pee here

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