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my girls

my girls

breakfast is served
Your girls are so beautiful. I have tried to comment on some of your other photos, but it doesn't come up with the option to rate or comment. You really have some cuteness going on there. I absolutely love the little abby with all the different colors, she is so striking. The biggest girl reminds me of my Punkin, such a fluffball
THANK YOU SO MUCH. I recently lost Snickers the dark brown littlest pig not in this photo. She passed away suddenly with NO warning after I had her only five weeks and NO, stupidly I did NOT quarantine her so I am most wary now of watching for ANY sign of sickness among my remaining girls. Thank you for all your comments and good wishes and yes I LOVE my girls to pieces and having this site and all the people ON it has helped immensely in doing the BEST I can in this wonderful world of pigkeeping. THANK YOU :) PS the biggest girl my abby is Muffin Stuffin LOL. The girl of many colors is Biscuit. Cookie Monster is the short haired twin to Muffin, Oreo is the "boy" possum pig and Cupcake is the dark brown with the white strip down her face. Snickers passed away and the last girl the all white one with the mask on her face is Twinkie who I HOPE is just FAT and not preggers

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