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My First C&C!

My First C&C! - Guinea Pig Cages

I am so excited, my boys moved into their first C&C cage today!! I have no experience putting one of these together, so go easy on me please. *ducks* hee hee. It's a 2x5, and I have 2 boars. I left 3 grids out of the back, because it's RIGHT against the wall, and the coroplast on that side is 11
Just letting you guys know, I've added a second water bottle since this was taken. In this pic, there's one in the kitchen area. I've since put a second one out in the fleece area, too.
That cage is great! I'm guessing you used cable/zip ties to make this cage instead of the connectors?
It looks great, I like the color scheme! I bet your boys couldn't be happier. Do they enjoy that fish you got for them? Mine adore it, they push it around and fight over it!
Good job!Told ya' I'd look for your pics!Where did you get that fish?!I've seen the other things in stores,but I never saw that fish and I love it!(Hope my cage turns out even half as good!)

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