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My first C&C cage! Prepping for guineas!

My first C&C cage! Prepping for guineas!

C&C cage. 3x4. Two level. Bridge. Ramp. Hammocks (makeshift). Built in hay rack. Easy open for easy cleanup. Cleaning flap.
My first and I think it is turning out really well... :)
I love this cage! Very modern style for the piggies. Hope you plan to put some kind of guard on the left side, you might get a jumpy pig and accidents happen.
Oh one question. What did you use to cut the grids so nicely? The design looks so flawless and neat.
I just used regular wire cutters but the edges are kind of pointy and sharp so im thinking of smoothing them down with a dremmel. Thanks for the advice and support!
I really like the look of this - so much openness and area for movement - seems like it could have a good exercise potential in there - how did it work out Quishi? I see this is from a while back - did you make any amendments or did it work out as is? I really like the size of it. Well done for your first effort!
I added quite a few things, you can see them in my other photos, including a boardwalk and a new hay rack and my guineas love it. Im making a new one though cause this one is tricky to clean. It's a simpler concept but theyll have the same amount of floor space.

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