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My ferret cage, just built

My ferret cage, just built - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my new cage for Boogie and Phyrnne (fern) Bare bones cage before I added their toys and stuff. They also have a big digging box that they love and a litterbox downstairs and on the top level. The middle level is only 1 by 2 cubes. The top level is 5 total cubes, a L shape I guess. I have an
I am also owned by a few guinea pigs. I rescue and as soon as I adopt the rescues out, I will be making a guinea pig cage. I cant wait to see what I come up with. I will have a 6 hour road trip to work on designs, cant wait to build for my other babies. I also have 2 male and 2 female hairless rats, same sex pairs. Their cages are half finished. Maybe next week I can post pics of those. Thanks for the compliments imapiggylover
I love your cage! I just got 2 ferrets and made them a cage but keep looking at it to see if I should do something different. What did you use to cover the grids?
looks like a brilliant cage for ferrets! we have ferrets too and they are great pets! also ferret are great escape artists and it looks very escape proof!
Their feet dont get in the grids, but I used cut up blankets (second hand store for $1 or .50 cents each) I used small clips from office supply to keep them down and threw a baby blanket over the top. (kept them from trying to dig the blankets up off the grid, lol). Rug on the bottom. Again, second hand. They have never escaped from this cage. I did switch feeders to a tip proof bowl that I limit the amount of food in, they kept digging it out of the self feeder, lol. I made it long as they love to bounce around and run. Tall cages just dont do it for a ferret unless it is long too.
Thats is an awesome cage, if I decide to get ferrets (I really want them) I'm gonna make a cage just like that.

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