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My Cage

My Cage

I know it is missing a lot, but I didn't get the pig yet. Don't worry! I'm adding a LOT more. Just tell me what you think, and some suggestions of what to add.
I would NOT have a box in the cage because it they pee or poo(if they lay in there poo) it will make the cage stink,I know because I have done it with my rats before.what litter are you useing? if you get a pig I would get two so they have a buddy(they piggies will be happy to have a buddy) are you getting a male for female?also add a bigger water bottle because it will last longer instead of haveing a smaller watter bottle then the piggies drinks it all up,incase you forget to give them water.also make sure they have wood to chew so there teeth don`t over grow.make sure you have a bowl(for food) that is not light so they don`t tip it over.
you said you don`t have piggies yet,but yet you said you have a piggies and it is only a few weeks old.is a nice cage though.
Your cage looks great and there's nothing wrong with using cardboard box in the cage. Just throw away when it gets soiled.
When I use cardboard boxes I either put bedding inside or cut the bottom out. My piggies love hammocks, tunnels, wooden chew blocks and toys!
Your cage looks very clean, neat, and well-constructed. Just a few suggestions: if you're looking for more toys/hideys, I recommend getting a tunnel or two either made out of cardboard, PVC pipe, or a bent grid with a small towel over it. Also, piggies love cuddle cups (basically small cat/dog beds) and cozies (a fleece "bag"). My girls also LOVE their tent. I just tied two peices of string parallel to each other about three inches apart in one corner, then draped a small piece or fleece (you can also use a small towel) over the strings. They love to snuggle up in it or just hide. I also recommend a larger water bottle (they'll drink that quickly) and getting two guinea pigs instead of one. Good Luck!
This cage is excellent! It has a lot of room for your piggies to popcorn in! I love how the bedding is purple! You may need a bigger water bottle though, and some more toys, but besides that I love the cage!
Piggly is I
this cage is a great starting point! as you get more into them (cux u will its not a choice) stuff will be added and always make sure they have acess to lots of hay! also for toys i bought a cuddle cup bed thing and flipped it over to make a hidy house (that way they cant pee on it)
Looks very organized! Iwould add:

A hay bin
Water bottle
Food dishes
A blanket (in the house, maybe?)
And some chew toys!

Good luck with your piggies.

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