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my 6 girls

my 6 girls - Guinea Pig Cages

The six I PRAY are all girls
How cute, If you cannot determine the sexes I would take them to the vet ASAP because depending how old they are, they can be/are sexually mature.
They are all so gorgeous. You have a wonderful herd. What a great playpen, they are so lucky.
Yes I have looked into taking the remaining five "girls" into a vet for examination. I found a short video of how to sex piggers and tried it out on my five and they all would "appear" to be females since nothing "popped" out :) But yes I have found one local vet hospital for $25 a piece who will make "SURE" they are all females so between that and saving up for a C&C cage I have my hands FULL. Twinkie will go first to the vet as she I hope is only FAT and not with pigs. She does love to EAT so I am hoping fat is where she is at only :) THANK YOU all for your comments.

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