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Multi-level Bookcase Guinea Pig Hutch

Multi-level Bookcase Guinea Pig Hutch

Hubby converted a large 5 shelf bookcase into this multi-level Guinea Pig Hutch.

Still To Add:
* female guinea pigs
* fleece bedding & pads
* etc

Pine bookcase, varnished so sealed/waterproof (non-toxic).

Design/idea based off these 3 in 'Cages > Alternative Cages':
1) http://www.guineapig
* Subject: Your post
[CavySpirit] I unapproved your post on my thread. If you have a question, please don't ask it on a totally unrelated thread. Also, a private message would have been more appropriate. Probably because your cage isn't appropriate. Wood cages are unsanitary and each level looks smaller than our minimum recommended cage size. If that isn't the case, please send measurements and please take a better photo of what the inside looks like. We just don't like encouraging people to model their cages after something that isn't ideal. Cheers, Teresa
[Me] I had no idea why my pic was moved, there was no explanation at all, I had no reason not to believe it was related to the upgrade, hence my question in that post. So you assumed my cage was unsanitary & undersized, both assumptions I'm afraid are totally incorrect. SIZE: mm: ... inches: ... using 4 of the 5 shelves = 16 square feet, for 4 guinea pigs, which is well above the minimum 13 square feet you personally recommend. It would be awesome if you had not assumed & asked me instead. I did add the cage size to the pic, it was an option I had to manually type in when adding the pic, although I added the metric measurements as I'm in Australia. If you look in your Alternative cages category, the majority are timber cages, my cage was based off these three in that category: ... Timber is not unsanitary, I assume that is your personal opinion, not everyone can use C&C cages. Why do you think pet shops sell timber hutches? It is varnished so it is water proof & I am in the process of making fleece liners for the cage along with extra mats/pads in areas where they pee more. There will also be & a toilet in the hutch.
[CavySpirit] Look, I'm just guessing. I am in the middle of a huge forum upgrade right now. I didn't move it, another moderator did. I just don't have the time right now to go tracking it down. I have a huge task in front of me. I will track it down a bit later. But cage size minimums are based on the bottom level. We do not count upper levels. I have to get back to the forum management right now. Sorry. Thanks, Teresa
[Me] Ok thanks for your reply, again, I had no idea who to respond to, got an email from [email protected], & apparently you are Theresa & saw your forum upgrade post, hence posted it there. If you are not the correct person to address it to, my apoligies, once again, if someone had of told me what it was about & given me contact details of whom to ask about it I would have done so. Please pass it on to the correct person. If it is based on the bottom floor only, then you should remove 90% of your gallery posts for the same reason mine was removed by the other moderator. :)
[CavySpirit] If see another gallery photo that has a base of a cage that is less than ..., please send me a link. We WILL remove it. 90%? Thanks, Teresa

* Subject: Cease and desist
[CavySpirit] You reported this photo? ... I do not have time for this nonsense. That is a perfect cage. If you don't understand what measurements are or what this site stands for or can't figure out where to READ about it, post on the forum and ASK.
[Me] You quite clearly stated that if I find any pics of cages that don't meet your 'alleged minimum standards' that I should report them & you will remove them, so that is what I am doing. Did you change your mind?
[CavySpirit] NOOOOO. You are reporting perfectly fine cages. You are now on moderated status. I cannot take these ridiculous, disrespectful of my time interruptions.
--- can no longer send/receive PMs & am now PUBLICLY LABELLED 'Cavy Caged' (moderated status) ---

My reply I am unable to PM to CavySpirit:
I reported 1 (not 10 not 100, just 1) questionable bottom level cage (as you said I could), that's it & you publicly labelled me 'Cavy Caged' (moderated status) & removed most of my priviledges including the ability to send/receive PMs. Is that at all fair? NO!
Their is nothing wrong with wooden cages, as alot of people have them. Some woods are not good for Guinea Pigs but I think what you have done is lovely and very creative. I love this cage! Well done.
Thanks heaps Katrina. Hubby did a fantastic job.
He will be making a bigger one one day, from scratch, but this is it for now & our piggies love it. :)

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