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Montrey and Faith's C&C cage.

Montrey and Faith's C&C cage. - Guinea Pig Cages

Montrey and Faiths brand new cage. Set up 2-2-07. I am in love with it. It is so much bigger than the picture.
Thanks. Its much nicer now. It was all plain then. That was the day I put the cage up so nothing good was in it. Now they have tunnels and all that good stuff. Still no extra additions, but im working on moving my birds into a new room so I can expand upwards and side ways. Maybe to a 2x5 on bottom and 2x2-2x3 on top? Not sure
Thanks so much sweetjay. I had extra coroplast left over.. the ramps off now, and now theres a little door. They weren't using the ramp, they would just jump over the side. *New cage pigutures with fleece* - Fleece color has changed to brown but the blue is an idea of our "ocean" theme.

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