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MoMo's Home - Guinea Pig Cages

I came up with this layout in the 'Pet' corner of the living room. I used a large rubber backed mat under a layer of fleece to protect the carpeting. I also use a covered cat bed for his hidey-place and sleeping area. I was able to find a round aluminum pan (I think it is a very large dog dish) t
Wow! really great cage. Yes this site is great! I'm going to make a bigger C&C cage for my piggie. I love the cat bed!
How did you train your pig?? I have not suceed in that yet, I have to do it from the start of playtime, which is annoying!! I absolute love the cage, and the toys!!
Wow awsome cage. I love the fleece. This site is really great it might not have a c and c if it weren't for cavy cages!
what a great change of mind for you from what you thought was all there was to what you have now! This is what it's all about, I bet your guinea pig is a happy piggie!
i have a question im trying to protect my flooring too soo can i use this --->https://www.walmart.com/ip/Step2-Playmats/2603666#Item+Description.....would i need to still put a blanket on top or can i leave it the same??

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