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Molly & Babies Cage

Molly & Babies Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This cage is 5 grid by 2 grid on bottom and 1 by 2 grid on top, we used coragated plastic on bottom, for the ramp we used 3 grids with zip ties and 3 wodden douls to make the ramp sturdy. The top part I used card board and covered it in felt, its just not put in on this pic.
we have a lot of bedding and its not as high as the black makes it appear, every time they go up or down it they stay close to the wall. any suggestions would be great though
we went to the store yesterday and bought them a big purple tube that they all sleep in and a hamik tube, only a couple of them know how to get in it, i don't think molly was held much with her old owners, shes not as easy to pick up as the others
sorry im new at this what is the coro? and the pigs don't even go us stairs. what would make them go up there? There is the coraplast goverd in felt on top. They don't like it or something. And the piggies stay to the farthest side of the ramp, but they hardly go up there
Just be careful with the babies on the upper level you should put some side on or somthing because my pig was 1 month old and she could fit through the holes in the grids! :)
On the top its sided all the way up, this was a pic of the cage before the babies were even placed in it. now the top is were they sleep and they love it

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